How does SUNCURTAIN work?

SunCurtain GmbH was founded through the support of GIGA Products GmbH, which works to help companies specializing in manufacturing innovative products. The main focus is on products distinguished by the use of organic photovoltaics, and which give rise to an approach that can only be achieved through OPV. GIGA recognized the market potential offered by SunCurtain GmbH’s OPV curtains, and is now doing all possible to support the new company. This potential has also been identified by asian investors. “We are very confident that SunCurtain will make the product a success. We believe Asia offers a huge market for these types of energy-producing shading elements “, said one of the investors. 

"If we want to increasingly portray electrically powered functions as energy sources in
future – embracing the buzzword of “electromobility” –, we need to do something to diversify our energy landscape.“

Stephan Hildebrandt, product manager

The many positive effects will have a lasting impact on building efficiency. It’s not just a matter of having a power plant on our windows; it’s a smartly used system that attempts to solve all manner of problems. We want our product to change the way people think about curtain systems.

Different colored, semi-transparent slats only let a certain amount of visible light through, while heavily reducing ultraviolet and infrared radiation, which in turn benefits indoor climate conditions. Light filtration makes a pleasant lighting.

The print process used for manufacturing makes it easy to adapt designs and formats. Plus: The curtains produce electricity, which is fed directly into the building’s local grid or can be buffered to a battery, and its easy installation means it can also be used on existing structures.