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Benefits of SunCurtain.


SunCurtain even produces enough power to run an office space.
A standard floor-to-ceiling SunCurtain shading system (1.48 m x 2.12 m) produces up to 120 W. * In comparison, a usual workstation with a laptop, monitor and table lamp requires approx. 65 W.

* based on standard test conditions


The light is filtered and provides a pleasant and stimulating atmosphere. The room remains bright enough – artificial light is unnecessary.
SunCurtain mitigates the negative effects of intense incoming solar radiation. Due to the semi-transparency of about 30 %, the room is still filled with natural daylight.


The SunCurtain lamellas provide active shading and ensure maximum efficiency of generating green energy and keeping the heat outside of the building. This reduces your need to run air conditioning equipment and the costs. On average 100 Wh / m².

Health & Safety

The blinds have closed and non-absorbent surfaces, which make it difficult for dust, pollen, viruses or odors to settle. They also can easily be wiped down with a damp towel.


The printing process used for manufacturing makes it easy to adapt designs and formats. Blue, green, red and grey are the options available in terms of color and transparency. Surfaces can be matt or glossy. The lamellas also provide great scope for creativity, such as patterns, names or logos.


Cloudy days or indirect sunlight do not inhibit the SunCurtains ability to operate with maximum efficiency. SunCurtains blinds work regardless of which way they are oriented.

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